Features of TrainUWise

Course Management

The solution offers a user-friendly platform for training institutes to efficiently create, define, and manage courses, batches, and sessions. This feature streamlines administrative tasks and enhances course organization.

Zoom Integration

The product seamlessly integrates with Zoom, enabling students to join webinars directly through the app. This feature enhances accessibility and convenience for remote learning.

WhatsApp & Calling system integration

The integrated solution combines WhatsApp for efficient communication, announcements, campaigns, and program-related notifications with automated marketing call capabilities,

Lead management

The solution includes a calling module that facilitates lead conversion tracking. The marketing team can efficiently call and monitor lead conversions, optimizing the conversion process.

Conversational Chatbot

Our software solution incorporates an innovative Conversational Chatbot feature, leveraging advanced AI and natural language processing to facilitate engaging and efficient interactions with users.

Track student progress

With features for marking attendance, tracking student progress, and providing feedback,manage assessment and ranking , the solution ensures effective student management.

Studentportal & mobile application

Every student gains access to a personalized web portal where they can retrieve program details, session information, webinars, and recordings. This enhances the student experience.


The product provides institutes with comprehensive dashboards and reports to assess the growth and performance of individual branches and programs. This feature empowers data-driven decision-making.

Benefits of the solution for customer

Empowering training institutes with effortless course definition, batch creation, and session management.

Seamlessly handling student registrations, batch assignments, online and offline payments, refund management, receipts, and registration for free courses.

Enabling student attendance tracking, progress monitoring, feedback provision, and the assignment of program trainers and leads for each batch.

Providing institutes with comprehensive dashboards and reports for observing branch and program growth and progress.

Equipping every student with a personalized web portal where they can access program details, session information, webinars, and recordings.

Leadmanager Centralise all your leads/ enquiries across multiple sources on a one-view powerful dashboard and manage them seamlessly

Benefit of leadmanager

With every lead, comes a great business opportunity. Centralise all your leads/ enquiries across multiple sources on a one-view powerful dashboard and manage them seamlessly. Capture primary touch points of all the leads/ enquiries from website, social media, marketing agencies, walk-ins, and education fairs, ensuring zero lead leakage and cost optimisation.

Centralise all your leads on a unified platform – capture walk-ins as well as all leads generated via offline activities across campus/ branches/ centres and cities.Capture leads/ enquiries in real-time for all your online and paid lead generation sources, incoming calls, social media, digital agencies and more. Allow different campuses/ branches/ centres to upload offline data directly to the centralised repository.Automated schedular to allocate calls to diffrent call executive based on various rules

Lead Management Reinvented with Productivity-Driven Approach

TrainUWise streamlines lead handling for enhanced team productivity. By centralizing leads and enabling campaign assignment and tracking, it optimizes the nurturing of high-quality leads. Marketing automation efficiently allocates low-intent leads, while automatic caller assignment maintains personalized communication histories. It manages caller loads for high productivity, maintains communication logs for better conversions, and offers escalation options for cold leads to expert handling

TrainUWiseIntegrations done with

Student Portal
Zoom Meeting
Whats app
Call integration
Student Portal

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